A Teleneurology & Teleneurorehabilitation platform catered towards the mental health ecosystem.


About Us


A platform to connect with neurologists, developers, healthcare professionals and caregivers. We are committed towards fulfilling those needs for the greater good. We bring in our expertise in business & technology to create innovative solutions and tackle the problems.


Manastik aims at bridging the gap between technology and neurology. We at Manastik, engage with Neurologists, Neuropsychologists, Psychiatrists, SLPs and other Neurorehabilitation professionals to undersand the needs and problems within the ecosystem of Neurology & develop technological solutions.


DADT-Dementia Application for Diagnosis & Tracking

DADT is an online app that helps with neurological evaluations and cognitive testing for people suffering from dementia. It helps doctors diagnose dementia better and helps caregivers track progression of dementia.

AI-enabled Rehabilitation

World's first online Rehabiltiation tool that provides personalized & self-administered assistance in physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Cloud Storage of Medical Records

Medical reports pertaining to but not limited to Neurology such as PET Scan, CT Scan, MRI, MRA, EEG, etc. can be stored on cloud, sent to the neurologists as well as healthcare professionals and accessed by the patients anywhere on priority.



Soubhik Das

Chief Executive Officer

Pushkraj Marne

Business & Strategy Lead

Akshay Sancheti

Business Advisor

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why the name Manastik?

    Manastik is derived from the word 'Manasik', which is closely associated with mental health. That's the ecosystem we are catering to in this company.

  • Manastik is a platform to connect with neurologists, developers, healthcare professionals and caregivers.

  • Manastik is an Indian originated startup based in Pune, Maharashtra with office space in Kolkata, India.

  • Manastik's core project was started in 2020 while the company was founded in 2021.

  • Please feel free to drop a note at soubhik.das@manastik.com or call at 7588285664. You can also send connect with us through the Contact form provided below.





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