Lifestyle Management

Tailored cognitive exercises and therapies for personalized brain recovery and enhancement. 
Curate a well-rounded and healthy life with
personalized guidance, promoting overall
well-being and vitality  


Medicine Reminder

Elevate your medication management with the user-friendly Manastik’s DADT App. It offers a reliable solution to ensure you never miss a dose. Through personalized notifications and reminders, the app empowers you to stay on track with your prescribed medications, promoting better health outcomes.  


Manastik provides progressive meditation courses for dementia patients. Unlock guided audio tutorials to enhance mindfulness and mental well-being, promoting holistic health. Elevate your meditation practice and track your journey seamlessly. 

Medical Records

Access your documents anytime on Manastik’s DADT App. Store, organize, and retrieve reports conveniently in one central virtual location. Effortlessly manage your essential documents for future reference and easy retrieval.

Nutrition tips : Diet Plans

Manastik’s DADT App monitors (are we monitoring) dietary needs based on condition progression. Collaborating with your doctor, create an effective diet plan, and receive timely reminders for adherence. Streamline your dietary journey with ease. 

Friends and Family Reminder

Manastik’s DADT App introduces a valuable feature that periodically assesses your memory and recall abilities regarding relatives and friends. Through carefully designed tests, the app gauges your cognitive function, helping you and your caregivers track changes over time. 


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